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Child protection policy

Leam Boat Centre Child Protection Policy 

Leam Boat Centre Ltd is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults with whom we come into contact and we accept that all those people who are employed by, or involved with, us have a clear duty to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of them.

This Policy/Code of Practice will be brought to the attention of all existing and new paid and unpaid staff, and volunteers (in this Policy referred to as ‘staff’) who should also be offered guidelines and training to enable them to implement it.

Our policy is as follows:

All coaching staff must have a DBS check before they can work independently at the centre. This must be updated at least every 3 years, and a copy shown to the General Manager or Head Coach. A record of this will be made on the coach’s file.

Coaching staff should have training in child protection and safeguarding. Staff working independently and with children on a regular basis should attend a Sports Coach UK workshop as part of their coach development (or a similar course). Those that do not work regularly with children should complete the paddlesafe online training module.

Minimise situations where the abuse of children, young people and vulnerable adults may occur. No member of staff should put themselves in a situation where that are alone with a young person or vulnerable adult, unless it is unavoidable. In such a situation they must be very certain not to act in any way that could be construed to be inappropriate.

Use supervision as a means of protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults.   We will ensure that all of our staff receive regular supervision to ensure effective work and the prevention of abuse.   This may also include creating opportunities for observing our staff whilst working with children/young people/vulnerable adults.

Staff are given clear roles and responsibilities. All of our staff have a clear written description of the work they are expected to do which will include reference to their duty to prevent the abuse of children/young people and vulnerable adults with whom they work and reference to the action to be taken if abuse is disclosed or discovered.

All appointments of staff are conditional on the successful completion of a probationary period. We ensure supervision and observation of new employees and volunteers pending the completion of a reasonable period of probation and will not confirm the successful completion of a probationary period unless we are sure of that person’s ability and commitment to the prevention of abuse to children/young people/vulnerable adults.

In the event of any concern regarding the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults, the first point of contact for support is the centre manager or head coach, who may then refer to the British Canoeing Child Protection Officer, or the police, as appropriate.