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Choosing your spraydeck

How to choose and size a spraydeck 

Spraydecks are common piece of equipment. If you haven’t used one before we recommend you have some training. A spray deck holds a kayaker in place and protects you from the water and elements. With kayaks coming in all different shapes and sizes and there being many different types we have created a little guide to help you choose the right spraydeck.


There are two main parts to a spraydeck. The waist-tube and the deck.

The waist tube goes around the body helping stop water from running between the deck and body of the paddler. This is easy to get right simply pick the spraydeck you want and then pick the correct waist size. Use the companies sizing charts on the product page to help you with this.

To work out the deck size check out the specs of your kayak. You’ll need the cockpit length and width. (the big whole)

UK Size USA Size Max Cockpit Length (cm) Max Cockpit
Width (cm)
1 XXS 70cm 40cm
2 XS
3 S Riot 85cm 50cm
4 M Keyhole 92cm 55cm
5 L Bigdeck 100cm 60cm
6 XL 105cm 60cm
7 XXL 110cm 62cm


Nylon Vs Neoprene

 This is purely down to your confidence and preference. Nylon is fair easier to remove in an emergency having a looser fit and so will ease some of your worries. Most likely if you weren’t to pull the handle it would fall off. However, with it being easier to remove to it does not give you a fully waterproof seal. If you need a spray deck with a fully waterproof seal perhaps to take on white water or surf than a Neoprene Spray Deck is a must.

Different types of Decks 

There are many different types of spray decks depending on the type of paddling you are planning on doing.  Below you will see all the different types explained.

Recreational Decks

If you’re getting out on water in relatively calm conditions the simple and most affordable option is a nylon deck. There are a few options with Nylon Decks. The more money you pay the better the material and so the durability improves. The addition of ripstop nylon and heavy-duty nylon rims being what adds to the durability.

Touring Decks

Both touring decks are usually found to be more light weight and breathable with a fabric waist tube. For long days being as comfortable as possible is important. Touring decks can also feature deck lines which are great to tuck a map case under. If you are planning on going out on rougher seas though you’re best to get a more white water orientated spray deck with a better seal at the waist.

 Crossover/ Whitewater Decks

Crossover/White water decks are made completely of neoprene. Some decks can feature knee off straps as shown in the picture on the left below to make exiting the kayak even easier. The most basic spray deck is made of neoprene with no reinforcement so is easier to get on. (our most commonly sold spray deck) Higher end white water decks than start to have reinforcement increasing the durability. Kevlar/similar material edges being a great added extra if you are a coach, doing rescues more often as pulling a boat onto your spray deck for rescues can wear the edges out quicker. Having reinforced material also makes the deck tighter making it slightly more difficult to get on but locks in place to stop implosions.