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Celtic Pro Carbon 700 4 Piece Sea Kayak Paddle


The Carbon 700 is a light weight sea paddle that comes in a standard 4 piece kit with adjustable length.


Celtic Paddles (previously known as the world-renowned Lendal Paddles) are world class sea kayak paddles made here in the UK.

The Carbon 700 is their top end light weight sea paddle based on the best selling Lendal Kinetic blade shape.

“I took one of these on a paddle to the Skerries on a big spring tide when the weather forecast got it wrong. Instead of  breezy sunshine,  we had to cross back in strong winds and mist. This paddle’s light weight feel and powerful catch helped get me safely home! ”  Matthew Bishop,  Centre Sea Kayak Leader


  • Carbon 700, Medium sized, super light weight blade that delivers a consistent, powerful catch.
  • Slight dihedral for smooth linking strokes
  • Adjustable Vari Lok length from 208 to 218 cm
  • Variable feather angle
  • Full carbon shaft
Blade size (cm)
Length 208 - 218 cm
Width 20.25
Surface area 721 cm²
2 piece straight - 776g (carbon) 827g (glass)
2 piece bent - 861g (carbon) 891g (glass)


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