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Esea Strap – Rapid Release Waist Belt from Red Paddle Co



With built in adjustable carry strap, hi-vis reflective strip, optional storage pouch and additional belt space for throwline and mobile phone holder the ESEA STRAP Rapid Release Waist Belt is the perfect multi-functional accessory for any SUP enthusiast who prioritises safety and welcomes smart functionality. All our leashes are elasticated and made from ultra-strong marine strength shock cord and webbing, this is not only an integral part of our unique carry system but also helps prevent the leash from dragging in the water whilst in use, which in turn reduces the likelihood of snagging on anything in the water that may cause an accident.


Size 1 fits boards 9 foot to 9 foot 10inches

Size 2 fits boards 9 foot 11 inches to 10 foot 8 inches (This is the size you need for all Red paddle co Rides, Jobe Yarras and similar all purpose boards)

Size 3 fits boards 10 foot 9 inches to 11 foot 6 inches

Size 4 fits boards 11 foot 7 inches to 12 foot 6 inches


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