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Ex-Demo Zet Raptor

Original price was: £1,145.00.Current price is: £750.00.

An Ex-demo Boat with some minor scratches and scrapes. Also available for an in-store price of £625


Being an Ex-demo Boat, it’s needless to say it comes with a few battle scars and scrapes! It’s spent most of its time here with us at leam being used by coaches and taking an occasional holiday to rivers such as the Dart and the Nene. Feel free to pop down to have a look or demo it.  If you decide to buy in-store we can offer an even better price of £625!!

Raptor Description

The RAPTOR is in its element on difficult whitewater, making it the perfect choice for multi-day expeditions, running steep creeks and competing in extreme races. Due to the stability of the hull, the boat is suited to beginner and intermediate paddlers who are seeking to develop and push their whitewater skills. The Raptor is also the ideal choice for advanced paddlers because it is both very fast and highly manoeuvrable.

The exceptional design of the Raptor has been proven on all types of whitewater, from the largest volume rivers in the world to the steepest creeks and waterfalls.

The outfitting has been redesigned making it more adjustable, robust, and comfortable than ever before.

Through the use of Zelezny Technology Zet have made the Raptor both stronger and lighter than other kayaks.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Minimum number of bolts and holes in the kayak
  • Unique foam holder
  • Light and functional seat made from a ‘hybrid material’
  • Stable hull
  • Original and progressive design


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