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Ride 10’6 Package


Paddled in nearly any conditions, the Ride 10’6″ from Red Paddle Co is a best seller and a multi-award winner!


Paddled in nearly any conditions, the Ride 10’6″ from Red Paddle Co is a best seller and a multi-award winner! This versatile board is easy to paddle, offers superior stability and excellent durability.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely paddle on calm waters, or action packed coastal surfing, this Red Ride offers a smooth and predictable ride in all conditions.

Features we love: 

  • A true all round board capable of handling all water conditions; this board will let you explore any piece of water!
  • The choice of paddle within the package means you can choose durability (hybrid tough) or weight (prime) without sacrificing on performance or having to buy a second paddle.
  • Red’s new ‘transformer’ bag makes transporting this board easy, giving you lots of options for getting down to the water.

What Red says: 

  • Red’s 5 year warranty covers all manufacturing issues and gives you piece of mind; it truly is a durable board.
  • Super durable, twin, flexible fins keep you going in a straight line without compromising on manoeuvrability. They’re glued on so no fiddling fitting them each time you go paddling!
  • MSL Fusion technology creates unrivalled stiffness and is the most durable inflatable board on the market.

What’s new for 2022: 

  • ATB Transformer Bag: Red’s all terrain backpack has been completely redesigned to offer more flexibility and versatility with transporting your board. The rucksack straps remove from the bag and allow you to carry your board and pump as close to the water as you can get, meaning there’s no need to take your bag back to the car. Large all-terrain rugged wheels are made to roll over any terrain with ease. The bag has plenty of secure storage for your kit with a large quick grab exterior pocket and secure interior pockets. A stylish new colour scheme finishes it off and we’ve come to expect no less from Red!
  • Adjustable Cargo System: The new and improved cargo system on the front of the board makes carrying your kit on the water easier than ever. An adjustable bungee strap is paired with two flat elastic straps so you know you’ll always have a secure load. The new twin D-ring locking system allows for easy tension adjustment.

Paddle options: 

All of Red Paddle Co’s paddleboard packages come with a choice of two paddles:

  • Hybrid Tough: A durable nylon blade is paired with a lightweight carbon fibre shaft. Incredible durability without compromising on overall weight or performance.
  • Prime: This performance paddle uses a carbon weave for greater strength but also brings great weight saving and responsiveness. The teardrop blade design has a single dihedral blade face creating a smooth and stable stroke but facilitates fantastic power transfer too. The stylish finishing design is laser etched and will never fade; another tick in the box for Red’s fantastic durability.



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