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Sheltered Water Coach Training

This two day course provides the training to progress to the BC Sheltered Water Coach Assessment, in canoe, kayak or both. It takes the underpinning knowledge of the core coach training and applies it to coaching students in sheltered water.


This two day course is the training for coaches who want to progress to sheltered water coach. It takes the underpinning knowledge of the core coach training and applies it to coaching students in sheltered water.  The Sheltered Water Coach training is based in both Kayaks and Canoes, to fully prepare you for what you might face in the future, but when it comes to book your assessment, you can choose to do it in either Kayak, Canoe or both.

Who should do this course?

  • Paddlers who wish to work with students to coach improvement beyond introductory sessions will enjoy this course.
  • Club coaches who have completed the core training and wish to further develop their technical and tactical understanding.
  • You must of attended a core training before attending this course (or an alternative APL)

This course will look at:

  • Goal setting and matching teaching strategies to the aims and the duration of the session.
  • Technical understanding of fundamental boat movement and development of technical templates.
  • Boat outfitting and sizing of equipment.
  • Skill breakdown.
  • Development of progressions to link learning.
  • Practice tasks to enable clear observation and analysis.
  • Use of intrinsic feedback strategies.
  • Planning a series of development sessions towards a student goal.

All students will leave the course with a clear and precise action plan. This will include feedback on:

  • Personal skill against the assessment benchmark
  • Technical understanding and knowledge of technical templates
  • Coaching delivery




9am till 5pm

Dates for 2024:

February 3rd and 4th

Dates for 2025:

February 22nd and 23rd


This course is held at Warwick Boats

What to Wear and Bring:

You should have all your usual paddling equipment, including any safety/rescue kit you usually carry. If you would like to use a centre boat please get in touch in advance.



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