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Summer Kids Courses and Activites


A huge range of kayaking and paddleboarding courses are available to book this summer for children aged 6+

With courses happening every week, there is something for everyone that will keep your children busy, entertained whilst also upskilling them in a new sport



Our kayaking courses run over 3 consecutive days, 1030 – 1300 in the morning, and 1400 – 1630 in the afternoons.

Throughout the duration of these courses, there will be lots of games, river trips, coaching and confidence bundling, designed to take your child from never having paddled at all to full independent and skillful paddlers.


Paddle Discoverfor paddlers with little to no experience, this course is all about enjoyment and fun on the water, coaching kids and upskilling them through games-with-aims so they don’t even realize they are learning.

Paddle Explore 1 – the first half of the paddle explore course, starting to coach independence and safety on the water, whilst upskilling the skills already learned through the Paddle Discover Course, getting all paddlers ready for Explore 2


Paddle Explore 2put your skills to the test and impress our coaches by showing them what you have learned. Being coached and assessed at the same time, completion of this course earns you the Paddle Explore Award, signaling that you are a completely independent and confident paddler that requires no extra help from coaches or adults

Junior Advanced Skills Course – designed for those paddlers who are looking to be more adventurous, such as paddling white water, touring paddling or even looking to become instructors in their own right. This course is never ending, as there are always skills to improve upon, but attendance of this course is the right stepping stone to attending our Junior River Trip and begin the pathway towards the White Water Performance Award.



Our paddleboarding courses run over 2 consecutive days, 1030 – 1300 each day. Paddleboarding is the fastest growing sport in the UK right now, and there are few sports that offer as much enjoyment as these courses do. There will be plenty of jumping in, games, splashing and coaching in equal measure. Due to the nature of paddleboarding, we recommend 8+ for these courses.

Discover Paddleboarding for Kidsa very fun and enjoyable course, designed to get kids standing on boards and confident maneuvering them. You can guarantee that all children will return from this course very soggy and with a huge smile on their face.

Explore Paddleboarding for Kidsmore focused on the coaching side of things, this course will work its way through the Paddle Explore syllabus on paddleboards, getting children to a stage where they can plan and paddle their own trips, whilst keeping themselves and others safe and still have a wonderful time.

Advanced Paddleboarding for Kids – time to test those skills and learn just how paddleboarding can do different disciplines, such as low level rapids and costal paddleboarding. Once again, this course is never attending, and there is always something to learn, but this is your stepping stone to the Sheltered Water SUP award and also a perfect chance to learn how you can become an instructor and leader.


Kids Club


Pure fun and excitement, running every Tuesday afternoon 1700 – 1830, this is a chance to get out and have fun on the water with other children. We recommend anyone attending this club has completed the Paddle Discover kayaking course, or the Discover Paddleboarding for kids course to ensure they have the confidence on the water to join in the fun and games involved.









If you are unsure of which course is the appropriate one for your child, do not hesitate to contact us and we can tell you which course is the best one for you.