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Try before you buy scheme

With so much information out there around kayaks, canoes and paddleboards, it can be quite difficult to know what is the best craft for you. But with a huge range of craft on site, alongside the friendly and expert knowledge of our management and coaching team, we can get you demoing out a number of different craft to find the perfect craft for you. All of these craft are available to demo on and off-site.

To organise a demo, please contact us via email at, or ring us on 01926 889928 and we will get you booked in for a demo. All demo fees are refundable if your purchase a kayak, canoe or paddleboard with Leam Boat Centre


We hold a large stock of kayaks, including recreational, sit-on-tops, white water and sea kayaks from Pyranha, Dagger, Zet Kayaks and Pelican.

With a variety of sizes and colour, you will be able to inspect first hand the different varieties and try them out, finding the perfect kayak for your needs.


To see what kayaks are available to demo, please click here.



With Venture canoes available for those who are looking at expeditions, white water or longer trips, and also Pelican Sport Canoes – which are the perfect family canoe – we have canoes for all paddlers.


To see what canoes are available to demo, please click here.



Quickly becoming the most popular of all the paddlesports, there are so many brands, boards and information about stand-up-paddlebaording that sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Get rid of that fear though, by coming by and spending some time on the beautiful and calm River Leam, trying out a variety of paddleboards and paddles to find the perfect one for you.


To see what paddleboards are available to demo, please click here.




On site demo one craft: £10

On site demo multiple crafts: £25

Off-site demo: £40

All demo fees are refundable if your purchase a kayak, canoe or paddleboard with Leam Boat Centre


Terms and Conditions

  • A form of photo ID (an in date drivers license or passport) and card details will be left at the centre for the duration of the demo
  • This is an unsupervised demo so the paddler must take full responsibility for own safety
  • The product(s) being loaned to is the responsibility of the paddler to collect and return
  • The product(s) must be stored and transported in a safe and secure way, especially if left unattended overnight. A loss of the boat during the demo will incur a fee equalling the retail price of the boat
  • Regardless of the water’s grade, the loaned boat will not be used in extreme weather conditions or flooded water
  • The boat can only be used on: flat water, grade 1-3 white water, and in calm or moderate sea state.
  • The boat will only be paddled on water that is suitable for the paddlers ability and experience
  • Upon collection, an agreement that the boat was in an acceptable condition and in full working order must be reached before the demo can take place
  • Upon return, an employee of Leam Boat Centre will inspect the loaned boat before returning the ID and card details. The paddler is liable to pay for the full cost of repair or replacement of the craft
  • Extra fees for dirty or damaged craft – up to and including the retail price of the craft – can be applied if it is returned in an unsatisfactory condition.