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Having a damaged boat or board can be hugely annoying and expensive! We can repair kayaks, canoes and paddleboards to breath new life in to your leaking vessels. With experience repairing all types of craft, the service you get from us is personal, attentive and thorough.

SUP Repair

With inflatable paddleboards, it can be difficult to locate the source of leaks and knowing what to do next can be even harder! We can offer a complete repair solution for your boards, finding the leak and repairing it using durable vinyl repair glue. Whether it’s a leak at a seam, a puncture or simply a misaligned valve, you can be confident that we’ll provide an effective fix.

We specialise in Red Paddle Co and Jobe boards here at our centre in Leamington, so we can work closely with these manufacturers to make sure we’re following their repair recommendations. 

Kayak Repair

Our plastic welder is one of our favourite tools in the box and is invaluable for plastic repairs! Splits in kayak hulls can be tricky to seal but our two part repairs involve a durable and robust weld followed by an internal patch. Kayak hulls go under a lot of stress whilst paddling but you can rely on our repairs to keep your boat sealed.

Commercial Repairs

Our team at Leisure Boats UK have extensive knowledge around fleet maintenance and can provide ongoing support to make sure that your boats are running when you need them most! We can provide spare parts for Pelican, Walker Bay, Leisure UK, Aqua Blue and many more. Whether it’s just spare parts, or hull repairs, the team will be able to assess your fleet and give you the right solution.

Repair Disclaimer 

Unfortunately, we can’t repair everything. Before we can commit to repairing your craft, we will need to assess the damage to determine whether a repair is likely to be successful. At the point of enquiry, it’s useful if you can send pictures / videos. It’s sad to say that some damage is irreparable. We can only give a price on the work once we’ve seen and assessed your craft.

Once your craft is repaired, we will give you some general advice on after care to ensure the repair continues to remain sealed. Unfortunately, repairs can fail and we can’t offer any guarantee on our work because we don’t know how the repair has been cared for after it leaves the centre.