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Sea Bean Towline 10m


Designed to be super compact, simple to use, and easy to repack; this strong waist towline belt is dependable in all conditions.



How small can a sea kayak towline be without compromising safety or performance? Well the answer is about the size of a large Cornish pasty thanks to Whettman Equipment.

An easy-pack, wide-opening bag houses a 10 metre floating braided line, secured with shock cord to make towing comfortable for the wearer.

The towline is supplied with Whettman's own Kraken karabiner, a low profile krab designed specifically for use sea kayaking. The karabiner is secured to the line with a low profile splice, which is wrapped in rubber to give another 10cm of grip extension.

A 40mm waistbelt means the belt can be worn comfortably between a spray deck and buoyancy aids. The belt has a quick release buckle and a waist size adjuster to ensure you'll always get a snug and safe fit.

Key Features: 

  • 10 metre floated braided line
  • Stainless, low-profile and snag free karabiner (the 'Kraken') 
  • Shock absorbing elastic webbing
  • Wide opening bag is easy to deploy and repack
  • 40mm quick release belt with size adjuster


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